Don't take Apple, Ali and Google's smart lighting too seriously!


Sep 19,2018

  The traditional LED fluorescent tube is just a common electronic product. If you associate all kinds of smart sensors with each other, you can use the sensor to realize various automatic control functions such as light control and infrared control. It is as simple as this. I have to be smart.


The future of pyroelectric infrared sensors


  ▲Apple Data Center Center Room

  Open source and thrift

  In mid-09, Apple announced that it would spend $1 billion in nine years to build a world-class data center in North Carolina. The data center in North Carolina will become Apple's cheaper iPhone. As an integral part of the strategy, the various servers in the data center consume tens of thousands of dollars of electricity every year. How to save energy is also a problem they are currently studying. Their old counterparts are ready to move the computer room to the sea floor. It is.


The future of pyroelectric infrared sensors


  ▲Corner of Google Office Corridor

  Wisdom technology, what is needed is this model

  Google (Google) always gives us a shock to create interesting workspaces. The office is designed by Mexico's local design company, Mexican Studio. The entire office looks like the city itself. The white lobby is complemented by bright and orderly smart LED lighting to make the colorful LOGO stand out. There are two paths from this corridor. Walking into a huge auditorium, the “Technical Conversation” space uses the city's Google Maps as a carpet, and the other leads to individual rooms, including famous landmarks. The Chaptepec Park became an informal social place with a lake and a huge tree in the center, a refurbished cockpit for private calls and a server room in the red metro.


The future of pyroelectric infrared sensors


  ▲Alibaba underground parking lot

  Have money, and benefit the employees

  Alibaba is currently the most profitable Internet company in China. The Group's Taobao, Alibaba, Alipay and Ant Financial are among the top brands in various industries. The group employs more than 30,000 people, along with Alibaba in the United States. The successful listing of the largest IPO in history has created thousands of rich people. The company has also built free residential buildings and garages for employees. The lighting system in the garage is also fully automatic.


The future of pyroelectric infrared sensors


  ▲Amazon PHX6 Warehouse Center

  Smart warehouse, bright your eyes

  With more than 90 warehouse centers around the world, Amazon has built the world's most agile logistics infrastructure. Entering the Phoenix Storage Center is like walking into a world dominated by machines, not humans. The center, code-named PHX6, has artificial intelligence and can be said to be a brain for giving orders to employees. Covering an area of 1.2 million square feet, it has a huge conveyor network and yellow totes are everywhere.


The future of pyroelectric infrared sensors


  ▲Famous company bathroom

  Come and go, go and rush

  Around the Spring Festival, as many as 450,000 Chinese tourists went to Japan to spend, spending nearly 6 billion yuan on shopping. Many people are rushing to buy smart toilet seats made in China that are twice as expensive as domestic prices. Why do Chinese people have a soft spot for Japanese toilets, and perhaps the awakening of the Chinese people's toilet culture has finally arrived. The toilet is a place that every one of us must go every day. According to statistics, the number of times a normal adult enters and leaves the toilet every day is usually 5 times. The average time spent in the toilet is about 1 minute, so the lighting inside is usually not It is always on, so the intelligence of the fixtures and cleaning in the toilet is also very necessary.


The future of pyroelectric infrared sensors


  ▲"Xi greatly visited "Smart LED Plant Factory

  Xi said that this is good

  Through intelligent sensing, combined with the surrounding environment, intelligently adjust the amount of LED light to provide suitable illuminance for crops, promote photosynthesis of crops, and increase crop yield. Xi greatly praised the plant factory technology, the plant factory can be used to solve people's livelihood problems, desert cultivation, etc., is a good product for the benefit of the country and the people.


The future of pyroelectric infrared sensors


  The characteristics of LED lighting can only fully reflect its value through intelligentization. For example, the infrared-sensing LED fluorescent tube is to add an induction module device to the ordinary LED fluorescent tube, and the temperature is detected by the infrared sensor inside the sensing module, thereby controlling the corresponding The lighting fixtures, coupled with such intelligent control modules, are both convenient and cost effective.

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