The future of pyroelectric infrared sensors


Sep 19,2018

  With the advancement of science and technology, computer microprocessors, modern digital signal processing technology, new semiconductors and other materials, and the manufacturing process, pyroelectric infrared sensors will develop rapidly.

  A foreign research institute predicts that infrared sensors will have global sales of $286 million. According to a research report by the US market research company ASDREPORTS, the global EO/IR sensor market will reach 10 billion US dollars by 2024, compared with the 2014 market specification of 7.3 billion US dollars. The annual growth rate reached 3.22%.

  Pyroelectric infrared sensor technology is one of the fastest growing technologies in recent years. Infrared sensors have been widely used in aerospace, astronomy, meteorology, industry, military and other fields, playing an irreplaceable role.

  Infrared is essentially an electromagnetic radiation wave whose wavelength range is roughly in the range of 0.78~1000M. Because it is light outside the red light in visible light, it is called infrared. Any object with a temperature above absolute zero will radiate energy to the external space in infrared light.

  The sensing technology that uses infrared radiation to achieve related physical measurements is infrared sensing technology.

  In recent years, the development trend of infrared sensors has focused on the following aspects:

  1. Development of new materials and processing technologies:

  With the new materials and processing technology, the infrared detection rate of the pyroelectric infrared sensor is improved, the response wavelength is increased, the response time is reduced, the pixel sensitivity and pixel density are higher, the interference is high, and the production cost is lowered. For example, PYREOS and IRISYS have introduced a new pyroelectric sensitive technology that combines thin films and ceramics to enable the array of sensitive components.

  2. Large-scale and multifunctional of pyroelectric infrared sensors:

  The development of micro-electric technology and the application field of sensors are expanding. Pyroelectric infrared sensors are developing from small, single functions to large-scale and multi-functional.

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