Jan 31,2019

With the booming market for wearable devices, product types will show a trend of integration and segmentation. On the one hand, comprehensive wearable devices such as Google Glass will further leverage the advantages of their Internet services and mobile operating systems to continuously integrate new applications and services, and strive to create an integrated mobile wearable device experience for users. On the other hand, other startups will try to delay this time of integration and continue to introduce personalized and differentiated functional experiences.

The sensor products currently available on wearable devices mainly include: motion sensors, environmental sensors, and physiological health sensors.

The main difficulty of the sensor is that only the motion sensor is currently used on the wearable device, and the medical health sensor cannot be applied to the wearable device on a large scale due to reasons such as size, precision and price.

Sports sensor players are similar to the mobile phone market. ST, Bosch Sensortec, InvenSense are still the main players and offer multi-axis motion sensors. There are also supplier vendors in China, but shipping is less.

There are many suppliers of environmental sensors, including temperature and humidity, barometers, UV sensors, etc. Currently, there are not many applications in wearable products, but more products will be available soon. Physiological sensors include measuring heart rate, blood glucose, blood oxygen, blood pressure, and the like.

The trend in the design of sensors in wearable sensors and mobile phones is high: high integration, small size and low power consumption. As a wearable device, the sensor plays an important role in external sensing devices. To achieve good experience and monitoring accuracy, the difficulty lies mainly in the algorithm.

After years of experience, the solution is applied to human body infrared sensor products. It is strongly recommended that you use the following models.

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