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  • Optical Fiber Communication

    Fiber-optic communication, also known as fiber-optic communication, refers to a way of transmitting information using optical and optical fibers.

    2019-01-31 03\:00
  • Aerospace

    The horizontal stabilizer is the most complex motor on the aircraft, and TE's sensors help ensure proper operation.

    2018-09-18 09\:47
  • Watch

    With the booming market for wearable devices, product types will show a trend of integration and segmentation.

    2019-01-31 03\:00
  • Consumer Electronics

    In order to meet the needs of today's increasingly sophisticated consumer equipment, Lixun has the advantage of manufacturing breakthrough manufacturing technology

    2018-09-18 09\:45
  • Micro Motor

    Micromotors are used in a wide range of applications in communications, micro-games, consumer electronics, and healthcare equipment.

    2018-09-18 09\:48
  • Medical Apparatus

    Among medical device products, small bone screws, sphygmomanometers, large to operating beds, ultrasound systems, etc.,

    2018-09-18 09\:45