Micro SmCo Magnet Block

Micro SmCo Magnet Block

Mateiral: SmCo Magnet Grade: SmCo5 & Sm2Co17 Working Temp.: 250~300℃ Process: Cutting & Grinding Spec.: Custom-made Accuracy: ±0.005mm, per custom-made Leadtime: 10~15 days Packing: Vacuum Packing
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 1) More than 30 years' experience in precision machining of super hard & brittle materials;

 2) Machinable material scope including AL2O3 & ALN ceramic, Zirconia, Ruby, Sapphire, Rare-earth Permanent Magnet, (NdFeB & SmCo), Glass, Silicon etc;

Upgrading the accuracy grade in traditional machining of magnetic materials by utilizing the watch jewel bearing & optical cold pressing technique;

Large capacity, ensure prompt delivery schedule;

Extensive serving range, benefit for innovation in crossing field;

Known well of the industry development & application, satisfy with customers’ requirement by improving the technique continuously. 






Features & Advantages:


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